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Tools, information, and links to help you do your own web design or programming.

Check out these links (tools of our own)

Learn html - learn html coding from scratch, step-by-step
Color Picker - find hexadecimal values for colors
Buttons, Backgrounds, and more - coming shortly
Code Snippets - coming shortly
Favicon Maker - coming shortly
Banner Maker - coming shortly
we will have these and more here in the near future

Check out these links (other sites - links open in new window) - the best text editor for website design* - affordable large source of clip art - nice collection of free clip art - nice collection of free clip art
we have more to add in the near future

*A huge step up from notepad for raw code editing.
(HTML toolbar, syntax highlighting, auto-completion, and customizable)
The owner of PWS chose this one after trying out many different ones.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.