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Website maintenance is an ongoing process; website design work done regularly to keep a site up to date, keep it fresh, or to grow the site little by little. If you want to have work done on your site regularly, our website maintenance plans save you money. For individual website design jobs, we either work by the hour, or more commonly give a price for a job, but even when we give a price, the price is arrived at by estimating how long it will take and calculating the cost at our normal hourly rate. Our hourly rate is $40.00. With our maintenance plans, you prepay for a certain amount of work (hours of time) up front.

Why pay now for work to be done later?

  1. By prepaying, you get a lower rate, or more for your money.
  2. You know future work is already paid for, so you don't have to worry about needing updates at a time that's not good financially.
  3. Our hourly rate will increase someday, but you will be getting our current rate.
  4. You have less paper work, not a separate bill for each site change or update.
  5. Last, but not least, our maintenance plans include these free extras: (show more details)
    • monthly search engine checkups - see if your main keywords are doing better or worse
    • monthly log file review - get a report on what we find from your log files
    • data transfer report - get a daily or weekly email telling you the data transfer used so far
      (know in advance if you're going to need more)

It doesn't matter if you're a new customer, or one who has been with us from the start. It also doesn't matter if you're using us for hosting, or using some other company. If you want someone to do regular work on your site, give us a try. Speaking of giving us a try, you really don't want to prepay a company for a year's worth of work without first knowing whether or not you like their work. If you've used our services before, you already know what we do and it may be time for you to purchase a maintenance plan. If you're a new customer, you have a few choices. You could go to our "client sites" page and select to see only the sites we designed, then look at some of our work. You could contact some of our current customers through their sites and ask what they think of our work. You could also have us do 1 or 2 jobs for you, or purchase a smaller plan, so you can see for yourself if you like our work or not. Find out about our head webmaster, and our website design standards, here.

Here are our various maintenance plans and prices.
click on the plan names to see samples of what each plan might cover

  • Bronze Plan - $75.55/year or $19.90/quarter
  • Silver Plan - $139.60/year or $37.75/quarter
  • Gold Plan - $253.95/year or $71.35/quarter
  • Platinum Plan - $470.00/year or $130.15/quarter
  • Premium Plan - $1,300.00/year or $356.95/quarter

An order form will be here soon. In the meantime, to order one of our website maintenance plans, please contact us and let us know what plan you want, or let us help you decide which plan is best for you.

Here are just a few things a website maintenance plan can be good for:

  • change content now and then to keep things fresh or up to date
  • grow your site gradually by adding pages one at a time
  • keep prices up to date
  • add new products or services to your site
  • have weekly or monthly sales that keep changing

paint brush screw driver handsaw hammer growing site

Details on how our maintenance plans work:
When you purchase a maintenance plan, you are prepaying for a certain number of hours of work over the next 3 months, or the next year. Nobody can know exactly how much work they will be needing in the future, and will usually have no idea just how many hours it will take. Our examples are to give you a rough idea so you can guestimate as accurately as possible based on what you think you will be wanting to do. As we do work on your site, we keep track of time spent and let you know after each job how much time it took and how much time you have left. If the time spent looks like it may be much different than what you purchased, we will let you know. If it appears to be getting used faster than planned, you will have the option of us billing you for "extra" time to keep your maintenance plan going for the full period, or having your maintenance plan be used up sooner. If you still have time left at the end of the plan, your plan will simply continue until it is used up, to a maximum of 50% longer than original. If you still have time left after the period paid for, it could be a good time to do updates.

Our hourly rate will go up someday, unless inflation reverses, but your plan covers a specific number of hours, so you will still be getting our current rate until your plan is finished. If your plan doesn't cover everything, any additional work will be billed at our going rate at that time.

Our package deals include certain amounts of website maintenance work.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.