Privacy Policy
This is a simplified version of our Privacy Policy. Details can be seen here.

Whichever of our services you use, all information provided by you, or your company, will remain private. We do not sell any information to mailing lists, or give any of the information out in any way to people outside of our company.

We do not send you any form of spam mail ourselves. We only contact you about changes to our services, notices about our services or your use of them, or occasional special deals.

The only time any information is given out is if you use our services for any illegal purpose, in which case we are required by law to pass the information on to the appropriate legal authorities. If you use our services for anything that is not illegal, but is against our terms and conditions, we will send you a warning and/or discontinue our services to you.

Our hosting, registration, and design, terms and conditions can be found in the related sections of the site.


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